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About Us

PLP offers expert advice and training in the field of communications and public relations.

PLP is specialized in management of political communications and crisis management.

PLP provides professional solutions for managing the public image of individuals and companies.

PLP offers flexible individual services tailored to the specifics of the situation and customer requirements.

PLP is a partner of media outlets and consults the business and political elite, as well as foreign investors.

PLP  manages special events as a separate business category.


PLP is a partner of the International School of Communication (ISOC) for the Balkan region.

PLP is a member of BBBA (British-Bulgarian Business Association).

Jeni Pavlova

Co-Founder, PLP

Media expert with over 20 years of experience in radio and television. Specializations within the RNTC in Netherlands, the global news network CNN, as well as Britain's The Independent.

Specific areas of competence include:

  • Starting and running a business in the field of radio, television and new media

  • Production of news and current affairs programs

  • Political campaigns

  • Social campaigns

  • Media relations

  • Crisis management

Sylvia Assenova

Co-Founder, PLP

Public relations consultant with more than 18 years of experience in building effective dialogue between companies, brands, public figures and their audiences.

Specific areas of competence include:

  • Reputation Manangement

  • Corporate communications

  • Political communication and institutional relations

  • Media Relations

  • Crisis management

  • Training in media and crisis management

The Team

Our experts offer years of experience in various fields of communications, consultancy and journalism. Every trainer is specialized in at least one vertical - media, institutions or companies in different sectors of the economy.


Our international consultants and lecturers have proven their expertise in Europe and worldwide. They work for corporations, governments and individuals who know the value of professional communication and appreciate it as a means to achieve great results.

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