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Crisis Media Engagement

This one-day course focuses on how to engage the media during a PR crisis. It is an advanced-level communications training aimed at experienced professionals and includes: 

  • Reacting in the crucial early stages after a crisis strikes

  • Crisis positioning - principles and  responses

  • Online communication - deploying social platforms and cultivating influencial advocates

  • Developing practical media interview skills (media briefings, press conferences, interviews) 


After this course you will be able to successfully communicate with the media during situations that put your company's reputation at risk. You will learn to handle difficult and "impossible" questions, skillfully managing negative reactions and representing your company effectively in the most challenging of crisis interviews.


Upon completion of this course you will receive an ISOC certificate (ISOC courses are acredited by Edexcel and The British Accreditation Council). For more information, please visit:

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