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Reputation and Trust Management

Corporate reputation and credibility are one of the most valuable assets of any organization. Managing these with skill and competence is a necesity. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in the process of building trust, PLP helps companies discover key levers, problems and threats to tyour organisation's good image. Furthermore, we enable you to understand public attitudes and behavior towards your organisation, and rank their priority accordingly, as well as define and develop your organisation's identity and influence.


Public Affairs

We believe that good public relations are those that build and maintain relationships based on trust. We help our clients successfully manage their relations with organizations, the media and the public, enabling them to build partnerships and maintain their desired public image.

Crisis Management

We help clients prepare for crisis situations, anticipate and master potential hazards in their inception, as well as minimize threats before they become a problem.

Political Communications

They say that elections are not the end, but the beginning of the election campaign. This is why we have adopted n elaborate approach to political communications - starting with political analysis and forecasts to strategies for a comprehensive political campaign.

Media Communications

Your story should be told. It should be interesting for different audiences and reach them through the media. As experts in the field of journalism and media relations, we can create content that will intrigue, that will be discussed, remembered and shared.

Market Entry

We suppport foreign companies with their smooth and seamless entry into the Bulgarian market. Precise goal setting and a well-executed market penetration strategy are essential in this process. Whether to introduce a new product to market or solve a complex communication case, we can advise you in the process of market research and competitor analyses.

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